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At times, individuals as well as companies may fall short in maintaining trust. It could be due to a variety of reasons, but the action to build back trust is usually a single recipe; being transparent.

We are taking a closer look to a business crisis case dated back to 2006; well summarized in this The Guardian article.

Even though the incident happened almost a decade ago, this global company is still actively involved with building trust using different mediums and channels like donating large amounts to Transparency International as it is reported in Corporate Crime Reporter.

There is a paper from Institute of Business Ethics named The Recovery of Trust: Case studies of organisational failures and trust repair which is giving further examples on the subject.

Building Trust with Transparency; An interview with the writer of the book “Tactical Transparency”.

A popular article from Harvard Business Review arguing different aspects of business transparency.

Another piece from The Guardian about the concept of Open Businesses, including Transparency and Trust as its components.

If you don’t mind to register with Project Management Institute website, you can read this article trying to address a tricky question; “How can project managers effectively perform their responsibilities if their senior managers prohibit them from sharing critical project information with their project teams?”