how to speak trust

Everyone heard of how important body language and facial expressions are, but how much of it are we really practicing and implementing in our day to day life?

There are so many researches and various information sources on the subject; Check this Ted Talk ‘Your body language shapes who you are’ by Amy Cuddy.  Harvard School of Business also published a video last year prepared by its students, titled as ‘Make Body Language Your Superpower’.

Mark Bowden, one the most famous experts on the subject of body language has a youtube channel; you may want to check his video ‘Presenting body language’.

If you are still hesitant about the power of a good old perky hand shake, have a look at this research with a handshaking robot reviewed in Independent! Robots are the way to go; another popular article talking about a group of psychologists teaching robots facial expressions.

All this trust building practices are the qualities of a transparent leader.  Glenn Llopis talks about the power of transparent leaders in his piece published by Forbes.

And what makes us trust the expertise of a person during a negotiation or a debate? This article in Psychology Today talks about body language during a debate and gives simple principles to follow.