We love coming up and put into work unique services – mostly seasoned with humour for good measure. We have a holistic approach and do define our services as Integrated Management Consultancy.

Here below our specialised brands;

WORKDIGI – Get your business in synch with Industry 4.0 and digital revolution. Not just your operations, but most important thing too, your people! Benefit from technologies such as Wearables, Internet of Things, Cloud and many more; consider opportunities in organizational innovation.

FOLDPICK – Knowledge is power and there is more to learn everyday so it is important to keep up the training and inspiration of your people. We custom-design and deliver unconventional trainings to feed your grey matter. Or simply, try our menu wizard to see how we can serve to your needs within your time and budget.

INTERNAL CREATIVES – It is time to leave that generic agency approach behind if you want more of your employees to show up to that corporate event! Be it a training, women’s day or a kick off meeting, we map out your organizational climate and custom-design the most creative bits for you with attractive comms material, strategy and event design.

STARTUP PITA – You are there, taking the leap, and that is something we have the utmost respect for, We put all of our strategy capacity into work for you and build a relationship based on your needs. From crunching numbers to management mentoring; people operations to business models, we are here to support!

NO BEAN BAG -Inspiration don’t come easy and please admit that lame bean bags are no help. We first analyse you as a working living entity and put science into work. Then magichand your workspace situation according to your budget; revolutionize, wall-fall or just touch up the space for you.

EVERYTHING BUT SMALL TALK – Podcast is the way to go! Data shows that listening to podcasts is becoming more and more popular, attracting more listeners. We create and host, or help you to do so your own podcast. You may position it as an internal customer engagement tool or a strong part of your new generation marketing approach, which helps you to show off your corporate intellect as thought leaders in your industry.